Admissions Process. provides online tutoring service at the moment to anyone interested in learning Yoruba language of Nigeria.

1 – What you need

You need: Internet connection Laptop, PC or pad, mobile phone devices of your choice (any one on the list will do) willingness to attend webinar session on occasions. (Optional)
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2 – What we provide when you Apply

• Clear, simple hassle-free lessons using PDF documents, Videos and various visual aids via our website • Native speaking practice with experienced tutors (optional) • Written lessons tests for practice.
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3 – How To Become Fluent

To quicken your knowledge and understanding of Yoruba language and aid you speak it quickly, two key characteristics are needed:

1. Willingness to participate and comply with information given and 2. Determination not to quit!

4 – Program Updates

As updates and additions are made to the program, you'll be first to know. This is the most robust training program of its kind & as a keen learner,  you'll have a high-quality learning experience for the duration of your studies.


LASWEL’s Yoruba tutorial is geared at those that are really keen and have the desire to speak Yoruba language.

  • You can learn Yoruba language in the privacy of your own home at your chosen time and pace.
  • Suitable for personal (fun, travel) and business (travel, work) use!

We at LASWEL believe that learning a language should be fun! This Yoruba tutorial is therefore, put together with this in mind by Yoruba native speaking instructors. All our courses, no matter the level are focused on getting you communicating and thinking in Yoruba language as soon as possible. The teaching is based on Nigerian Yoruba language.

This course focuses on complete communication system which includes both oral and written skills.
Each skill is independent, yet equally important in helping you develop excellent communication skills. And to achieve this, you as the learner will read, write, speak “repeat after me”, listen and practice speaking the language on a regular basis to ensure your immersion into the language.

How it works 

This tutorial is taught focusing on Yoruba tone so that the learner listens and repeat what they’ve heard and that within a very short time, the tone barrier is broken and the learner is able to start to pick on words they’ve heard, they are hearing, analyse and understand them quickly, thereby facilitating speaking the language quickly and with ease.

With LASWEL, you can’t go wrong and learning is focused on being fun at all times. Our tutorials focus you on reading, listening, speaking, writing, and understanding and all are free to you.

Personal tutorial support

We also provide one –to-one classes for those that want personal tutoring. (Click here to make an inquiry).

We provide support via various methods and listen to you speak. If you want to learn, we want to teach. (Click here to make an inquiry).

How Much Does it Cost?

Self tutoring – Free

Those that want personal training and touch are billed at an hourly affordable rate. The rate will be provided via email when you contact us and can be cancelled at anytime.